Saturday, February 7, 2015

How to Get Referrals to GPT and PTC SItes?

referral - Get Referrals to GPT and PTC SItes

There are many GPT(get paid to) and PTC(paid to click) sites which are legit and paying their members without any delay ex. NeoBuxClixSense,  RewardingWays etc. It is easy to earn money on these websites however if you don’t have  referrals(a person who joins a website using your link) then your earning shall be limited. I joined many PTC sites but struggled to earn more than a few cents daily. I got some tips from online blogs about getting referrals and started working on it. Now, I have many referrals on these sites and earning a reasonable amount of money. I have listed here 5 ways to get referrals which I am using. You’ll get dollars for per task or offers your referrals complete.

Get Referrals to GPT and PTC SItes- 5 Simple Ways to do it

Post your link on forums: There are many forums related to online money earning topics. You can post your referral links on these websites. Here are few forum links you can use:
  1. emoneyspace
  2. ptctalk
  3. ptcdiscussionforum
  5. earningpalace
  6. moneymakergroup
  7. moneyfanclub
Write a Blog: There are many sites which offer free blog services like blogger,wordpress etc. You can create a blog post about a site for which you are planning to get referrals. Once your blog would start getting traffic you will be able to see the result. How to create a free wordpress blog – Step by Step Guide
Social Sites: There are many people who use social networking sites (facebook,twitter etc.) for marketing their products or sites. You can post a link on these sites. I used this method and got few referrals. This method is good for start-up as it require less effort and free.
Refer Your Friends and Family Members: It is easiest way to get some referrals. It only gets you limited referrals, but it is most effective and free method to get active referrals.
Advertising – This method require some spending but it is most effective. There are few websites which provide cheap traffic so you can use these websites for promoting your link.
Cheap PTC Advertising Sites
  • CashCamel – $0.25 for 1000 Link Credits (68,000+ Members) (Cheapest yet slowest traffic)
  • CashNHits – $1.10 for 1000 Link Credits (320,000+ Members) (Most expensive and fastest traffic)
  • PaidToClick –  $0.50 for 1000 Link Credits (350,000+ Members) (Cheapest and fastest traffic)
Other than above 5 ways, you can use methods like posting links on blogs, answering questions on yahoo answer etc.

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