Saturday, February 7, 2015

ClickWorker – An Alternative to Mturk

Click Worker

M-Turk is amazing online money earning website; however, it is not allowing any new registration at least for now. If you are from USA then you can still join Mturk. There cannot be the perfect alternative of this site. However, still there are few websites,which are paying their members for working on small tasks like Mturk does, ClickWorker is one of those websites.

I have been working on ClickWorker from sometime now and found it as a very good online money earning opportunity.

ClickWorker – An Alternative to Mturk

Before I mention anything about CW, here is my payment proof for clickworker:

ClickWorker Payment Proof - An Alternative to Mturk 

If  you enjoy writing, translating, researching and collecting data then CW is best website where you can earn money for doing these tasks.
Before you start working as a Clickworker you have to qualify for the appropriate tasks. Assessments are provided under the following categories:
  • Base Assessment
  • Project Assessment
The category base assessment contains assessments for future projects. The category project assessment contains assessments for current projects. Both type of assessments take only 15-20 minute to complete and mostly are very easy. These assessments include very simple questions, Ex.
I …. going to meet my friend.
a) am b) is c) are d) were   – Answer -a) am
Once you have completed these assessments, you’ll be able to work on simple tasks.
ClickWorker Tasks -  An Alternative to Mturk

Best thing about site is that it pays for every friend/referral you refer on this site. You’ll earn Euro 5.00 for each newly registered clickworker who earns EUR 10.00.
Just follow below steps to start earning money today:
  • Signup on ClickWorker
  • Fill out your profile information
  • Complete short qualification assessments
  • Secure jobs based on result and work on these jobs online
  • Get weekly payment, minimum payout is only $0.01
There are many other sites like Mturk. You can join these sites and can earn significant amount.
If you are still looking for other legitimate ways to make money online then you can join trusted PTC sites or other ways like  making money with survey, videos. There are many other sites like Clickworker.

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