Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How to Make Money Blogging : How This Blog Makes $100K per Month

You know everyone thinks we’re fools, right?
To most of the world, blogging is a joke.
It isn’t a career. It isn’t a way to make money. It isn’t a tool for changing the world.
It’s a hobby, a diversion, a fad that’ll come and go. Sure, you can start a blog, but don’t count on it to make you any money. That’s just silly.
Try telling your family or friends or coworkers you want to quit your job and make money blogging. They’ll smile politely and ask, “Does anybody really make money from that?”
Yes, they want you to have dreams. Yes, they want you to chase them. Yes, they want you to succeed.
But they also want you to be “realistic.”
If you really want to improve your life, you should get an advanced degree, write a book, or even start your own business, not hang all your hopes and dreams on some stupid little blog. Nobody can make money blogging.
Can they?
Well, I’m hesitant to say this, but…

This blog makes over $100,000 per month.
In fact, here’s a screenshot of our sales from January 2016:

Granted, it was a good month. We don’t always make that much money.
Thank You

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