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8 Easy Ways To Earn Money Online

Work on tasks and earn money

How to earn money online is one of the  most popular topics around the world. That is because now days everyone wants to learn the ways to earn some money online due to the world’s economy crisis.

There are many ways to make money online. Many of those don’t need any experience or technical background. Everyone who has internet connection, and few hours in a week can make money on the Internet. Some of these work at home jobs found on internet are legitimate and real methods of making money on the web and others are pure scams and get rich quick schemes. I am listing here only methods which are legitimate.
In this post, you will find 8 legitimate ways to earn money online. All of these methods are tried and tested by me, and I am still using these. These ways include participating in survey, working on small tasks, mturk, writing reviews, PTC sites, GPT sites, blogging, Freelancers, selling on ebay or Amazon and many more.
Making money online needs more hard work and patience than earning offline. Most of the ways which I have listed below are equally effective all over the globe. So here are the..

 8 Most Effective Ways To Earn Money Online

Get Paid to Read Emails:
There are few websites, which send daily email and pay when someone read those emails. These emails have some links, which you will need to click and view for seconds to get credited. We have listed few of these legit site here..Get Paid To Read Emails
Paid To Click(PTC):
This is one of the most effective method to earn online. PTC sites pay you for viewing ads at their site. You will have to click some ads daily and will have to view these ads for few seconds to  get credited.You will find many people on the internet saying that “Hey; most of the PTC sites are SCAM”,But I would say there are still few PTC sites, which had paid more than ten million dollars totheir members so not all the PTC sites are SCAM. We have listed few trusted PTC sites which are online since many years and still paying..Paid To Click Sites
Make Money on Mturk:
I am also using this site and earning at least 100 dollars every month. You will get paid for completing some survey, data entry or some other tasks.Amazon Mechanical Turk – Marketplace for work
Get Paid For Taking Survey Online:
There are many websites, which pay their members for completing some short surveys. There are many legitimate survey sites out there, you can check my other post for these sites. Get Paid To Complete Free Surveys
You can also join following PTC sites and complete survey from their offer page:
NeoBux Survey  - Ways To Earn Money Online
ClixGrid - Play for Money - Ways To Earn Money Online
Get Paid For Competing Offers:
There are many companies or websites which pay you to complete free trials. You just need to sign up on their website and if you like you can buy their product or can cancel trial offer.You will not be charged a single penny for completing these offers. Check this post for more details: Best Get Paid to Sites With Low Minimum Payout
If you can make a simple video, then you can make money atYouTube. YouTube offers Adsense ads, which will be displayed to your video viewer, and you will earn money when they click on these ads. As an example, if total views for a video is 10,000 and 100 viewers clicked ads displayed in between video then you would make at-least $10.
Blogging and Advertising:
If you are good in writing then you can earn by blogging. There are many advertisers who pay for writing blogs for them also you can earn money by advertising on your website. You can sell space on your website and will get paid when visitor click on those advertisements. I am earning about $20-50 monthly through advertising on this blog.
Get Paid to Share Files:
There are many websites which pay to share files. Whenever someone downloads files from these websites up-loader of file get paid, however it is very hard to earn using this method as these sites pay good amount only for downloads from countries like USA,UK etc. which is very difficult to get and these sites have very high minimum cash-out limit like $50-$100.






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